Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

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Lens Coating

Reloptix prescription lens insert kit for the Oculus Quest 2. Kit includes 1 set of magnetic bases, 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses. Kit includes a 1-year warranty. High Index lenses included

- Pupillary distance taken into account with the IPD settings for Quest 2

Customer Reviews

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James Irick (Bowling Green, US)
5 stars all the way!

As soon as I installed the lenses and put on the headset, I could feel my eyes relaxing, and suddenly I could see stuff sharp and clear that used to be really fuzzy! After setting my headset to maximum resolution, and having my reloptix lenses, everything in VR land is clean, sharp, and 20/20. Thanks, reloptix people, you have a great product and a great price. Keep up the good work!

M. (Manassas, US)
Quest 2 Lens Inserts (best upgrade I've purchased)

The lens inserts are game changing. I couldn't use glasses with the Quest 2. It was just too annoying and uncomfortable. So, I had been using the HMD without glasses. As you can imagine, once I put the inserts in, the entire experience was upgraded 100x.

The lenses do exactly what you expect them to do. The image inside the HMD is clear and sharp. Much better than the blurry mess I was looking at. The lenses are well made. The magnets to do a good job of holding the lenses in place as I've yet to have the lenses move. I did get the blue blocking version but I have no idea if that actually even does anything. That said, the filter didn't change the colors that I noticed. The lenses also not only came in a nice hard case with foam inside, but each lens has it's own little soft cloth (microfiber?) storage bag.

The only downside I experienced was the long time in waiting for the lenses. But this is a small, new company that's still trying to get it's legs so I'm ok with that. In the end the lenses are well worth getting if you wear glasses.

I would have written this review sooner but I bought Half-Life Alyx the day the lenses arrived and I've burned all my free time since playing it.

TL:DR: If you wear glasses, buy these lenses and don't look back.

Ivan Prince (Minneapolis, US)
Best Choice Ever!

My experience using the Oculus Quest 2 after inserting the Reloptix prescription lenses has been exceptional! I love the lenses and the excellent customer service that I received.

Thank you so much for your help!!

Jeff Wickliffe (Clifton, US)
Excellent fit and feel

These are very high quality inserts, crystal clear and feel very solid. They even came in a nice premium case for when they are not in use, which was an added bonus I did not expect. Overall very happy with these on my Quest 2

Mr Edward Lee (Sydney, AU)
Much sharper imaging

Specced perfectly, better than wearing glasses. Intuitive install and excellent design. Magnetic attachment allows for quick removal and storage in provided protective pouch/container. Responsive customer support and provided accurate lead times.