Installation Instructions

Look below for Reloptix VR Lens installation instructions based off of your make and model headset.


 Oculus Quest 1, Quest 2, Rift S and Oculus GO Installation instructions. 

Installation for the Reloptix Vive Pro 2 lens inserts

Installation for the Reloptix HP Reverb G2 lens inserts 

  -If you are having a hard time installing the HP Reverb G2 base around your eyepieces use a blow dryer or similar heat source to loosen the base adapters for an easier install. The plastic will form around the VR eye piece quickly after cooling. This is a friction fit, this video will demonstrate this technique.  




Cleaning Instructions:

 Due to the coatings applied to your lenses, ONLY a microfiber cloth or a soft damp cloth should be used to clean the lenses. Alcohol or other astringent cleaners can cause irreparable damage to your lenses and will void your warranty.