Extra Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 Prescription Lens Inserts

Extra Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 Prescription Lens Inserts

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Lens Coating

Extra pair of magnetic prescription lens inserts for Oculus Quest 2. Includes a 1-year warranty.

- Made for Oculus Quest 2

- Pupillary Distance taken into account based on the Quest 2 IPD settings. Different than Quest 1, Rift S and GO

- Premium Antiglare + Blue protect included

- High index lenses included

 *Requires Reloptix VR magnetic adapter made for Oculus Quest 2.



Customer Reviews

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Michael Rosplock
Game changer

Best Occulus upgrade ever..a total game changer..no more bent, broke foggy glasses..and scratched lenses! 100% more comfortable! Thank you!

D.L. (Ottawa, CA)
Must have for Oculus Quest 2 Users with Glasses

These Reloptix lenses have changed my VR experience entirely. When I was using my glasses, even with the Oculus glasses adapter, I would still have them often rubbing against the Oculus lenses. Not to mention how difficult it was to get the device on and off while wearing glasses. Lastly, Oculus can only accommodate up to certain sized glasses making it impossible to use if you have wider frames. I would highly recommend anyone to use these lenses.

On top of that, customer service with these guys is amazing. They are super responsive over FaceBook chat and have so much patience for people asking questions it's unbelievable. They also have an incredible story behind the company that they chose not to share publicly. I urge you to ask them about it, you will be amazed. I am more than happy to support them and recommend them to anyone.

Great job guys!!

Dr. Sp8 (Greensboro, US)
Excellent lenses

As a glasses wearer these are a must for your oculus quest 2. They make my experience better. They are honestly like playing with my contacts on. If you wear glasses…these are a must.

Jeffrey Rivera (Clermont, US)

Extra Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 Lens Inserts-Prescription