What were doing good and what we need to work on! Thanks for helping us grow! Items in view are reviews for VR Lens inserts, Prescription lenses and Non Prescription VR lens adapters for: Oculus Quest 1, Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, Oculus GO, HP Reverb G2, Valve Index and Vive Cosmos. 

There are more VR lens inserts to come for additional VR headsets. Stay tuned!

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Just took my Quest 2 to the next level!

I received my new lens a couple of weeks ago and it has been a huge next step in enjoying my Oculus Quest 2. The lenses fit perfectly with the magnets and don't move around at all. It has been great to not have to wear my glasses while using my Q2. The quality of the lenses are great!

Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

Clear Views; Attentive, helpful customer service!

Completely satisfied, grateful for the personal service. Immediate answers.

I waited for a new prescription from the eye doctor before I placed my order and was guided through the ordering process from the very start. But my prescription was wrong, showing up both with the glasses on my face and the lenses in my headset!

Patiently and efficiently new lenses were ordered and sent with some special, careful accommodations. But my optician damaged one frame swapping the lenses. No problem, a replacement was sent!

I can see clearly now. A difficult ordeal was made smooth by the great customer service.


Wearing glasses is a bummer sometimes. When I can't, and need to go glassless, I usually put in contacts. I just can't with my OQ2. Drys my eyes out like a slug on salt. Which lens place do I pick?
With all of the available options, DIY, Company1, Company2, Company3, Reloptix, the decision was fairly simple.
Comparing product pictures, they clearly showed that the Reloptix offering was more refined and bested the others in price/feature. It was a no-brainer decision.

Fit and finish:
Putting them in, I would have liked a more positive feel that the insert frame was attached better, but tugging on it after seating, they felt like they grabbed well enough. Placing the lens on the mounts resulted in a firm positive magnetic connection. There was no "wiggle" in where the magnets were placed. No fear that they will shift when moving.

The fabric pull tab is a nice touch and further accentuates the "premium" feel. Although, I might have placed it straight out the sides for the OQ2 instead of angled?

The carry case is almost too bulky. Sitting the lenses side by side would allow them to hit each other since there's no divider. They also sit in a void that's too deep. A cleaning cloth but it's too small to cushion the lenses against movement while in the case. Suggestion: imagine an AirPod shaped case with two slots. Pop the top and slide the lenses into a velvety, two chambered enclosure, with the tabs sticking up. Pocket-able when needed.

It's like I'm using my contacts! No more dry eyes for me! Solid purchase, and plan to get lenses from Reloptix again when I upgrade.


Therere well made and work very well just 1 small downside not sure if its me or not but my eye lids do touch the leses even with the sacer on but can live with that...
would defo recomend them

Excellent product

These lenses are really amazing quality, can see crystal clear during play. Would highly recommend these to anybody who has vision issues like myself.

Amazing quality

Ordered on the 15th April. Received these today 15th June but as I'm in th UK I understood the time delay. I eagerly inserted them into my quest 2 and wow! I was amazed just how good they are. Will definitely be recommending these to my friends. Well done Reloptix on brilliant job on these lenses.


Really enhances the VR experience. Images and text crisp and clear. I highly recommend these lenses.


Love my lenses! They snapped right into my headset and I can see great with them. No more glasses, yay!


These lenses have completely upgraded my VR experience. And for my prescription the price was significantly lower than other vendors. Installation was easy. I still can’t get over how clear and crisp the picture is now! It’s like having a brand new headset.


I am very satisfied with the product. So much better comfort wise when compared to wearing glasses.

Best Oculus Upgrade

Perfect vision — and no glasses — makes the headset noticeably more comfortable to use. Worth the wait. The mounting system is clever and seems very secure. The lens quality and/or accuracy of the prescription is better on my Reloptix than my previous set from another vendor (as is the mounting system). Love these and if my Rx ever changes or I get a different style headset for some reason, I will not hesitate one minute to order again.

Almost perfect….

Very happy with the results and the product! Great quality, packaging, and performance… only negative is the long shipping time. Hopefully you can improve turnaround times. But I would buy again and recommend…

Thanks Mike, Were working on it!

Awesome product!

Customer service was great.
The lenses are exactly what I wanted. Easy to install.


I bought these for my Oculus Quest 2 and I never expected that they would be this great. Not only they have dealt with removing the discomfort of wearing glasses with the headset, but I even see better and clearer now, and my lateral views are also less blurry than before. The instructions for the measurements were clear and easy to follow, and the lens were produced and shipped within the promised time frame. They were super easy to install too. On top of things, these lens are much cheaper than the alternatives on the market. Amazing; I cant' recommend them enough!

Love them!

I could not be happier with the lenses. It’s such a joy to be able to put on my headset without the frames of my glasses smashing into my nose. They correct my vision perfectly, are not in the way at all, the initial installation is super easy and taking the lenses in and out is too. I would, without question, purchase these again.

Best VR related decision I ever made

I need glasses for near sightedness. I never wanted to wear my glasses inside my HMDs for fear of scratching the VR lenses. So, I got fitted for contacts just for VR. Few problems with contacts: 1) After wearing them all day, my eyes were pretty dry by the time I got home from work and wanted to play some VR. 2) Trying to wear contacts just for VR is a barrier, ie, have to go put in contacts every time before putting on the HMD 3) Cost. That's what lead me to looking for a product like Reloptix. My Reloptix prescription lens adapters for my OQ2 live on the HMD, but are easily removed when I let me kids use it. I see MUCH better inside VR than with contacts. They are masterfully crafted and by far my favorite VR accessory. I haven't had any issues with the lenses adapter or the prescription lenses falling off, not once. Highly recommend!

Worth every penny

With my prescription lens inserts I can spend as long as I like in VR without constantly having to adjust my glasses or worry they might scratch my lenses. Worth every penny!


I really enjoyed this product. I didn't want to buy a VR headset and risk scratching it or being uncomfortable so I bought this first and as soon as they arrived I bought my headset. So nice the lens come out easily so others can play too. Can't imagine using VR without them.


Love the price and lenses work great. So easy to install. I've had no issues. It is nice to not have to fit the Quest over my glasses.

A must have.

If you are a spectacles wearer like myself…you will love these. I did not want to limit myself to wearing my contacts while playing. These lenses are a game changer. The price was right and everything was done to perfection. The only con was the wait. (I can attribute that to me being very excited.). Even with the wait, they let you know that upfront…and they were very communicative. I was concerned about my measurements but they are spot on. If you are in question…just order them.

Happy customer

Fast delivery, good quality, recommend it.

Must buy for people that wear glasses

I have struggled with wearing glasses and using my Oculus. I love the game but my nose bridge would hurt. With these lenses you can see and not have the extra pressure on your face. A must for glasses wearers. Customer service is the bomb! They helped me with my order and fixed a lab mistake in days. My overall experience was amazing and highly recommended these to anyone wearing glasses and playing and Oculus.

Great product!

Great product. Worth the wait. Can see so much better and functions much better than my glasses did under the headset. Great quality.

Very happy

I was a little nervous at first about how they were going to be but I am very happy with them. Thank you!