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Feel guilty

The lens is perfect. Very happy about the purchase. I feel guilty for buying it so cheap !

Great stuff, even for customers outside of US

I ordered to Central Europe between Christmas and new years. All all it arrived in under a little of two weeks. Great presentation but ofcourse tax has to be paid later on in customs.
Lenses fit perfectly, and are almost not noticeable when wearing the vr headset.
I would always recommend Reloptix.

Well Designed

The packaging, the lens holders, the fit/finish of the parts, everything was top-notch. The video instructions could use some work. It was far easier to actually assemble and insert than the instructions suggested they would be. The scary part for a first-timer is taking off the face plate of the goggles. Everything else was a snap and a click.

I can't speak for the quality of the lenses. They are for my daughter (19 yrs). She was immediately able to enjoy our Reverb G2 like never before and we ran out of time before she ran out of stamina.

I've ordered another pair for our Oculus Q2.

Just buy them

Really ingenious little magnetic snap on design. I can't believe I was smashing my glasses inside the quest for so long. No complaints

Great product

Excellent product! Prescription was spot on. Glad to be able to see when playing :-)

Game changer

I wear glasses and having these in-place for contact lenses were amazing. They help with reducing eye strain creating eye comfort. 10/10

Great inserts for Quest 2

The lens inserts work great with the Quest 2. I bought 2 sets for myself and another player since the magnetic inserts make it easy to switch without any hassle. Lens are very clear, even for those with astigmatism. Will buy 2 sets for the Psvr2 when available!

More than I had hoped for!

These lenses were perfect and worked so much better than I would have hoped for. Wearing glasses especially bifocals were so uncomfortable and these just changed all that. Would absolutely recommend for a much improved experience, less fatigued, and perfectly clear throughout whole area of view!

Highly recommend

These are the single best VR accessory I've ever used. The next headset I get I will make getting new lenses a priority. I love the magnetic design so I can easily remove the lenses and let my kids play too. Well done Reloptix!


Fits in place well and works as intended.

Reloptix Valve Index Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Matthew George (Colorado Springs, US)
Amazing lenses

Works on my valve index perfectly, much better than my last pair which would fall off after removing it and putting it on so many times would have to hold it on with tape. The magnets in the reloptix lenses make this a non issue. Love them

Great idea

Love the lenses. Prescription is accurate, and fits my device. I don't have to worry about damaging the lens to my eyeglasses or to the Quest 2. Service, packaging and communication was outstanding. Would definitely purchase from this company again.

Not what I hoped for

I've been using my lens for over a month now and other than not having to deal with my glasses and headset, I don't really see much visual improvement. So disappointed.

My wife loves them

They came sooner than I expected. The wife likes to be able to see better. Would recommend them highly.

Very happy

This was my second prescription insert. The first ones I ordered were from some Chinese company and I was very unhappy with them. I could not be happier with these inserts. They are great! I love how easy they are to remove and clean with the magnets!


Speedy processing and delivery! Lenses work great!

Amazing product!

Fast turnaround, high quality, great service. Will order again once prescription changes.

Easy to install and they work great, love the flexibility to remove the prescription lenses for guests

Reloptix Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
jonathan Lustenader (Morrisonville, US)
A must have for glasses wearers

I was a little hesitant to get a VR headset due to needing glasses, but decided to give it a shot anyway. Assumptions correct, the glasses on my big noggin made the headset less than comfortable, and I had to deal with the lenses either pushing against the headset eyepieces risking damage or pushing so close to my face that my eyebrows or eyelashes would smudge the lenses in a hurry. A few minutes of research and I realized this was a common problem. Looking at a number of companies, many of them looked like better deals until you enter your prescription information and if your eyes need a stronger prescription they get much more expensive quickly. With these lenses, not only do I get the better comfort of the headset and better quality vision from the lenses not getting all smudged up, but the added immersiveness by getting my eyes closer to the eyepieces is amazing. Lens removal is a piece of cake so if my wife ends up having any interest in the headset we can get lenses for her and just change them out in seconds.


Previous brand I had was “not good”…. Had to mount lenses inside flimsy rubber “holder”…had to figure out how to make holder stay on lenses in headset….always falling out when using VR for online flight sims.

These were easy to mount , easy to put on lenses, and have not
Moved since I installed them.

Also, easy to pull off lenses and clean!

Great product!

Total game changer

It's difficult to describe how much better the headset feels when not wearing glasses. The fit is more comfortable, there's less light bleed, and I may be imagining this part, but it seems like the clarity / detail has improved, perhaps form my eyes being closer to the lenses? Anyway, definitely recommended. Super easy to install as well.

Working Great

My installed with no issues and provided much better vision on my VR headset. Well worth the investment!

Truly amazing!

These lenses are a true game changer! I wasn't sure how these would work out considering this is the first time using lenses of this type. My vision is pretty bad with astigmatism. These lenses work as good if not better than my prescription glasses. It's also really nice to not have to wear my glasses while using the headset and risking scratching the headset lenses. Purchasing these were probably one of the best things I could of done for myself and the headset! Will definitely order again when my prescription changes.

Reloptix Pico 4 - Prescription Kit
Matt A. (Atlanta, US)
Super easy and convenient

The lens arrived in very convenient slim packaging with both a small durable carrying case and also little cloth bags that are perfect for tossing the lens into your bag with the Pico.

The lens basically just sit on the headset thanks to the magnets. It takes zero force at all to install and somehow they retain very well. I've never accidentally has them fall out or even move, despite jerking my head around.

The clarity is essentially perfect. It's actually clearer than using my contacts because unlike when I use my contacts, my eyes don't dry out in VR using the prescription lens.

I give them a massive recommendation and definitely recommend Reloptix's Discord because they're incredibly easy to talk to about any ordering questions, lead times, or even just to geek out about optics.

Reloptix Pico 4 - Prescription Kit
Doug (Stouffville, CA)
Awesome service and product quality

Just received the custom Reloptix lens set for my Pico 4.

My prescription is complex, so I was very leery about ordering it International.

Jason was very reaasuring that Reloptix labs could handle the complicated prescription.

They arrived and I immediately installed them in my Pico 4.

The result was amazing and I have clarity through my Pico 4 in VR, that is perfect without wearing any glasses.

I highly recommend Reloptix's service and products.

Doug Peel (Toronto, Canada)