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Wasn’t sure I needed them but I’m glad I did

I ware glasses but my experience with oculus 2 I could see really well.
Got the inserts to see if it was any better and of my God was it!
I true customization that anyone who needs glasses should do.

Easy to use. Work great.

Improved VR experience (quest 2)

I'm not fond of wearing contacts so this was the perfect solution for me. The magnetic clips are great and easy to remove if someone else wants to use the vr headset

A must have!!!!

These lenses are amazing. So much better than trying to fit glasses into the oculus. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Quest 2 reloptix

Total game changer! Worth the money, fast shipping and awesome packaging.
Only thing was I had a little trouble getting them in. You tube video helped with that lol

Seemless and beautiful

After a month of using, I can safely say that it was a great investment. I don't even think of the lenses anymore when I put my quest, it's a total game changer. Putting them on at the beginning was more difficult than the video showed though, and I found that putting the lenses from the top to bottom was better than the (side to side) technique in the video, and I came close to scratching the oculus lenses from the technique in the video. But once they are in, I just never thought about the lenses again. Totally solved my issue and did not give me any more issues. Just a heads up, the fov will decrease slightly due to having these on which is expected since you are putting more distance between the oculus and your eyes.

Clear vision BUT...

The ability to not have to use my glasses is great. No more pain from them digging into my head. These lenses make everything as clear as VR can be and the experience is a lot better. However, they are very finicky to get the base part to fit and stay on. It took a bit of force to get it to actually clip on. Worse than that though is that even after that the left side still did not attach well and came off while removing the headset causing the lens to fall to the floor and crack. I have managed to glue the glass part back into the magnet frame but feel this should not have happened in the first place.
Probably best to glue the base to the headset so it doesn't fall out again.

Hey Gary, it seems there is a huge gap between our install video and your experience. There might be an existing aftermarket ring/ fitting/ adapter on your headset. Please review our 2 install videos for the Quest 2 and closely examine your situation. We also have not heard from you in our support chats about the situation. Please reach out to us with photos so we can help you. Thank you!

Can't wait for my own set!

My wife is so thrilled with her oculus now that she has prescription lenses.

Now i just need to get a set for myself.

Wonderful company!

1. These are the best little lenses! Easy to take off when sharing the headset! Easy to clean! 2. The company is super helpful! Just email them if you have any issues! 3. I got these exactly 1 week from ordering! How insanely fast is that?! 4. Easy to install! Just don't forget to re-adjust your eye spacer once you do! Took me a minute to figure out why everything was still out of focus! 5. I am totally happy with this purchase and I highly recommend!

amazing quality

Quick install and work perfectly

That’s simply it. I’ve never seen so crisp a picture in my quest 2. Really happy about the purchase.

Good but some flaws

These are great in general. However there are two issues.

First the lens become blurry when not looking directly ahead. There is a very small area in the center that is perfectly clear. Otherwise, there will be lines coming from letters. This is not too bad when playing, but definitely noticeable and bad in menus.

Second, the cases I received my two pairs in (one for me and one for my gf) are not the cases shown in the picture. The picture shows a very sturdy square black case, I received my pairs in a more flimsy see-through case.

Hey Jagdeep. We think we may have made an error on your prism lenses. We are going to redo your prism lenses to see if you have a better experience with viewing. As far as the lenses are concerned and focal zones. VR headsets have Foveated Blur in the software and part of the Fresnel lenses that are installed in the VR headsets. So you are correct with sweet spots but that is not due to our lenses. A good check for this is to take out your lenses and look through them to see if you notice edge blur outside of the VR headset. Please let us know how this reiteration of your lenses plays out. Thank you!

Wonderful. They work perfectly

Reloptix Valve Index Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Stephen Daniel (White Lake, US)

I have always used my glasses for VR and was immediately impresses with how much clearer and convenient Reloptix inserts were. Felt like I had a screen upgrade on my VR headset as I was able to read text on the screen and see further in the distance. Very well made, easy to fit into the headset and I love not having to constantly adjust the headset or fiddle with my glasses. I felt this was a great value for all the benefits.


Couldn’t be happier…

Literal Game Changer

Absolutely love these lenses. As any glasses wearer can tell you, playing VR is never truly comfortable. Whether requiring some guards for PSVR so you don't scratch the lenses or the Quest facial interface squishing your glasses into your face. The Reloptix lenses allow me to use my Quest comfortably and clearly. I'm on the East Coast of Canada and they arrive so quickly as well. And the extra cherry on top? My lens prescription is high (-9.25) and unlike other VR lenses, Reloptix doesn't charge extra based on prescription! Will definitely be getting another set once the PSVR2 comes out.


These inserts are Amazing, I have used contacts and glasses and neither of those were as clear as your inserts. The reverb was already pretty clear but these inserts made me feel like I upgraded to a better VR headset. I also got my order very fast and incredibly cost effective. Thank you.

Tommy DeLago.

Very happy with this purchase

Cool! no more glasses in the Vr quest, I am very happy about that. Screen is very clear like hen I have my glasses on


Love these lenses. Completely enhanced my VR experience and makes it so much more comfortable. Highly recommend!

It just works

Easy install and they work, great product.

Perfect Solution to a Real Problem

I’m 66 years old, and when my wife gave me a Quest 2 for Xmas I wondered if she had perhaps lost her mind. I’ve never been into gaming or VR. Turns out she was simply desperate to come up with anything I might like. To my pleasant surprise I found plenty of apps I really enjoy. But my glasses were a major hassle. So after some due diligence I opted for the Reloptix lens inserts. They not only work perfectly, I see better in the VR environments with them than with my glasses! They’re high quality, easy to install…expectations exceeded!


These lenses are so very perfect I am totally happy with them

no more having to wear glasses when playing vr

more comfortable i can see way better now in vr prescription lenses was perfect also stops my glasses from getting damaged now and delivery was fast to uk thank you

Worth It

These Lens are definitely worth the price, easy to install and take out and make it so easy to use the Oculus without contacts or glasses.

Changed VR for me

I bought an oculus quest in January of this year. Being a 6’8” guy with a large head and equally large glasses, I had a hell of a time fitting the quest II (even with the insert) with my glasses. VR just wasn’t enjoyable distorted and blurry, then I found out about Reloptix (I saw it recommended on a youtuber’s channel). I had an up to date script, so the ordering process was really easy. They arrived WELL before the stated lead time, which was a surprise. They were easy to install, and the first time I used them it was AWESOME. I can now get the full VR experience CLEARLY without having to worry about fussing with my own glasses and or bending /breaking them. Thanks so much for making a great product!