Reloptix Oculus Quest 1, Rift S, Go VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

Reloptix Oculus Quest 1, Rift S, Go VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

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Lens Coating

Reloptix prescription lens insert kit for the Oculus Quest 1, Rift S and GO. Kit includes 1 set of magnetic base adapters, 1 set of lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses. Kit includes a 1 year warranty. High Index lenses included

-IPD Centered for most Pupillary Distances. PD's or IPD's uploaded will be decentered if out of the recommened user range provided by Oculus - Please submit your IPD with Oculus model you are using to better determine your custom PD placement

- PD is set differently than Quest 2

Customer Reviews

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Fix perfect!

I've been looking around for some Oculus lens and ran into these. Prescription were perfect. It was very easy to install. It stayed on even through rigorous gameplay. I will definitely order again in the future.

Excellent Service, Excellent product

I had been disappointed with lenses from another manufacturer so, after watching several YouTube reviews, decided to try these lenses for my Rift S. I received very a quick response to my query about my prescription which assured me that the folks at Reloptix knew what they were talking about and I placed my order. I knew that lead times were around about 6 weeks but was happy to wait. The lenses arrived in the UK today and, wow am I pleased with the quality and the clarity. Well done and thank you Reloptix. I hope you go from strength to strength.

Wonderful Lenses!

I love the Lens Insert kit for my Oculus Quest 1! It is so nice not to have the pressure of my glasses being pressed to my face and I can see great with the lenses! I would recommend these lenses to anyone who needs them to see and with the blue light coating blocker my eyes don't hurt anymore after playing. Great Product!

Great Product

These are a snap to install and remove if you share a headset with others. Great lenses. Fair price. Great service.