Reloptix HP Reverb G2 Lens Insert Kit-Prescription

Reloptix HP Reverb G2 Lens Insert Kit-Prescription

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Lens Coating

Reloptix prescription lens insert kit for the HP Reverb G2. Kit includes 1 set of magnetic base adapters,1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses. Kit includes a 1-year warranty. High Index lenses included


Customer Reviews

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Rich Wolf (Grandville, US)
Poor fit

I wish I could give a review of the lenses but I have not been able to get them to fit on the headset.

I've tried the suggestion to heat them up but they are such a poor fit that I haven't been able to use them.

It's telling that the tutorial video even states that the fit is quite difficult.

Hello Rich, We would like to better assist you with how these G2 adapters fit on the lip of the eyepiece. Please reach out to us so we may start the technical support process. You can start support by emailing us at

Edward Ma (New York, US)
Great quality, customer experience, packaging, everything.

Lenses arrived quickly in a neat package that included individual pouches that keeps them clean. I am blown away by the overall care that went into the the product.

Quality wise, it takes up minimal room inside the googles and since they are magnetic you can easily pop them on and off for shared vr time. The optical quality is very high. I can't tell that I am wearing glasses with them installed and they even fit my 74cm ipd which I thought wasn't possible for the G2. Highly recommended!

Martha Harris (Kamiah, US)
Wonderful customer service here!

Revised review to 5 starts because of the best customer service I have seen in a very long time! They read my review below and fixed all the issues I had below by redesigning the adapter bases. I did not even ask for it but they sent them out to me to evaluate for free! They snap-in easily now and now my eye brows no longer touch the top of the lenses. Excellent company here!

ORIGIONAL REVIEW: This is a better solution than wearing glasses and risking scratching your lenses. I honestly could not tell much difference with the filter coatings myself but it is a standard anyway. However you do not get reflections off of the lenses like regular glasses. They feel like part of the VR goggles now like a normal non-glass wearing person which is a bonus. The snap-on inserts that hold your lenses are a pain to snap into place. I was using so much force that I was worried I would damage my VR lens housings in the attempts and I'm a very strong person. I finally decided to heat them up, (The frame only and not the lenses!) with a hair dryer and then they easily snapped into place afterwards. If your like me and have a forward jutting eye brow line, (Neanderthal DNA, LOL!) then you might be rubbing up against the lenses creating skin oil smears on the top of the lenses. They just need to be cleaned more often than normal and the smear stays mostly out of view for a few repeated uses. Also being that close causes fogging even more than regular glasses since I'm literally touching the top of the lenses now. I am only using them on the Reverb G2 so not sure if it's an issue on other headsets. You could fix this issue with a thicker aftermarket pad but I do not want to loose a few degrees of field of view (FOV) in the process. So it is a minor comfort and cleaning issue plus the snap-in issue looses 1 star each in my review. It's still a "recommended-buy" for anyone that needs corrective lenses. I would recommend a slight re-design of the lens frame mount so it snaps easier onto the Reverb G2 lens housings and also trim the height, (there is plenty of plastic to do this and still have space your magnet inserts) so they fit a wider variety of heads. Also, I am not sure I'm getting the proper prescription strength with these lenses pressed so much closer to my eye balls than normal glass frames.

Paul Anderegg (San Diego, US)
Optically perfect, extremely difficult to install on G2

Took almost half an hour to get the adapter things to snap onto my G2. Once on, they seem secure and have yet to fog up or get smeared with eyebrow grease. :-)

Remi Belanger (California, US)

Order was filled promptly. Prescription was accurate. Product was well packaged. But, fit requires a fair bit of 'english' not covered by packaging or site. Basically, Reverb G2 seems to loath lens inserts, compromising Reloptox's adapter design, requiring that the adapters be heated, messaged (heavily) into place, and held while cooling so they conform to the headset. Miss that step, and your headset may become a doorstop. Fortunately, I stopped abusing it and contacted support, who were prompt and helpful. But, unless I missed it, the curiosity should be warned about up front. I recognize that it would sound a bit 'shoestring,' but HP owns that part.