We have teamed up with HelloReal, a up-and-coming VR accessory firm, to produce this special edition series of Oculus Quest 2 pistols. Simply slide your Oculus Quest 2 controller into this pistol attachment and experience a level of realism in shooter games that you haven't felt before.

For a limited time until October 31st. Receive a 10% discount on Reloptix products when you pre-order your Frost Talon 45 from the HelloReal website.

*Discount code will be emailed to you once you place your pre-order purchase.

ABOUT helloreal

HelloReal strives to become the ultimate immersion brand to bridge the virtual world from reality.
Our mission is to enrich and elevate virtual reality experience through our products by offering multiple attributes to unlock deeper level of immersion. Stay tuned as HelloReal continues to refine and offer more products to expand your virtual horizons.