Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 Lens Insert Kit-Prescription

Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 Lens Insert Kit-Prescription

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Lens Coating

Reloptix prescription lens insert kit for the Oculus Quest 2. Kit includes 1 set of magnetic bases, 1 set of magnetic lens insert frames with premium anti-glare coated lenses. Kit includes a 1-year warranty. High Index lenses included

- Pupillary distance taken into account with the IPD settings for Quest 2

*Ships from 2-3 weeks

Customer Reviews

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Happy VR Dude

Excellent quality, price & customer care. The only negative was delivery took a long time, due to Covid.

I completely wish I would have got these sooner

These lenses make using VR so much better. If tou use your glasses you risk scratching not only them but the VR lenses too. (I did that). These lenses make your screen crisp and clear and are so easy to put in and use. I HIGHLY recommend these lenses for your headset!!!

Worlds of difference

I use my headset for work, programming in Immersed. I thought I was fine without my prescription, but with them being so affordable I decided to try it out. Amazing difference. Everything is much crisper. The install was crazy easy and the magnetic system makes removal simple so I can clean them often.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Great quality

Make incredible difference easy to install

Best Purchase Ever

I wear progressive lenses and staying focused while playing on my Quest 2 was a real pain in the neck!
Since I received my Reloptix lenses, I can play longer without eye and neck strain.
When my wife wants to use the Quest 2 I simply pop out my magnetic prescription lenses.
Best purchase ever.
Thanks, Reloptix.